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10 things I'd tell my 19 year old worship-leading self....

If I could take my 19 year old worship leading self out for coffee, I’d have a few things to say to her! First I’d Give her a hug and cry, and say "well done!”.

She’s a bit messed up, but she said yes to God - and that's the best thing anyone can do.

I have a lot to learn from her... she’s young, child like, bold, confident and not afraid to dream and then do.

She’s also not ready.

But that’s one thing I love about God - He doesn’t wait for us to be ready to use us. He uses us in-spite of our inferiority. He anoints us and then gives us a job to do and as we step out, He teaches and equips us. We are completely reliant on him. We make mistakes, and if we are humble we figure it out with his help, completely amazed by what He can achieve with the little we give.

So 19 years on… here are 10 things I would say to my 19 year old worship leading self.

1. Don’t strive

You don't need to. You are loved by The Father, Christ has finished the work on the cross, and now you also have the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the great worship leader… so get to know Him. Let Him fill your being. Listen to His promptings.

Striving to make people worship, or make a career happen is futile... a waste of energy. Enjoy God, work at everything as best you can… but let God do what only He can do!

2. Don’t chase the dream

serve the context.

Your dreams will unfold as you serve the context you are in and fulfil the work in your hands.

2. Enjoy the season you’re in

Seasons roll.

So will the opportunities and contexts.

You'll have a lot, then you'll have a little. Then you'll have a lot again.

God is in it all.

You can be fruitful in every season - whether you know or feel it.

So… enjoy the season you are in - it has its own beauty, joy and lessons - don’t miss it! It’ll be gone in a minute.

3. Don’t lose the wonder

Entitlement is killer. The worshiping heart goes stone cold when entitlement rules.

Stand in wonder at God’s generosity

Stay surprised at the opportunities

Be overwhelmed by His goodness

Be in awe of creation

Be expectant (what is God going to do?)

But not entitled (why didn’t I get that? I deserve that...)

I Love You young one!

4. Give it everything You’ve got

Just pour yourself out… give it Your whole heart, your absolute best. It’s never a waste to worship God with your WHOLE life.

5. Develop your identity in Christ

This is done one daily discipline at a time… over the course of your entire lifetime.

6. There’s no one else quite like you on the planet

there literally isn’t.

You’re never going to be Avril Lavigne, and you’re never going to be Darlene Zschech. You don’t need to be, 'cause you have something so unique to give.

Care less about what people think, more about what God thinks.

Authenticity - our great advantage - the world needs more of it.

8. Create. Create. Create.

You were created to create. Just keep creating. Don’t overthink it… just enjoy the process.

9. Ask for forgiveness, not permission.

You’re going to make so many mistakes. Be quick to say sorry, learn to listen to feedback, develop a repentant heart! God’s got you.

But remember… take calculated risks to create new things!

You are a, creative, a leader… you are a risk taker.

10. You are called.

You are called by God, for His purposes. When you doubt it, remember it. Honour the calling. Serve God and His church with your life. Love the people He has given you… You are called to worship.

What would you say to yourself if you could sit down with your 19 year old self?

X Nikki

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