I'm Nikki

welcome to my journal.

This space is an overflow of my thoughts, ideas, prayers, poems, songs & conversations.

I am a worshiper at heart. From childhood I have pondered over who God is and what my place in the world might be.

I've spent the last twenty years leading worship, writing, teaching, travelling and working... all the while knowing and then un-knowing and then re-discovering that -

I am Called to Christ

I am Created to Worship


I am Commissioned to Serve The Church.

In all my doubts




There is one thing that remains... 

                                          GOD'S LOVE FOR ME.

And so as I walk closer towards the love of God through Christ, revealed and empowered by The Holy Spirit, I pray that these words, these songs, these thoughts and conversations would help you also discover God's unchanging love for YOU and lead your heart in worship.

Thank you God for life

Thank you friend for visiting

feel free to drop me a line...

x Nikki

A little about my journey so far...

my family

18 years ago I married Jonathan and and together we have three sons.


Jones (10), Daniel (7),

Rafael (3).

We live in beautiful Avalon beach, Sydney, Australia.

 Motherhood is certainly the hardest role i've ever known, but it's also the most important. 

I take inspiration from the words of Mother Teresa 

"If you want to change the world, go home and love your family."

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The Church

Half Anglican, half pentecostal you can call me 'Angli-costal'... I may not exactly fit anywhere but I kind of fit everywhere.

One of my great loves is leading God's people. Growing up as a pastors kid, I couldn't think of anything worse than being in church leadership... and then  God got a hold of my heart. 

Locally and globally, I have served as a worship leader/worship pastor/music minister for almost 20 years.

I spent 5 years in London on staff at Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB) and also as a global leader of Worship Central. Prior to that I was a staff worship leader at C3 Church Australia and then a 5 year season leading worship at St Matthew's Anglican Church in Manly. The context and culture I have led in has has varied throughout the years, but the vision is always the same - that people meet with Jesus when we worship.


I am now based in at C3 Avalon where you'll find me leading my local congregation on any given Sunday at C3 Avalon.


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Music has always been

a way for me to connect

and communicate.

It's an avenue of worship

and a place I can rest.

It's therapy, it's joy... and often melodies articulate when words fail.

Many songs I have written and co-written have been recorded over the years, some with congregations in the room (Worship Central C3) and others in a studio with fellow musicians.

I'm currently working on a new recording project... i'm so looking forward to releasing it later this year.

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Journals filled with poetry, prayers, lyrics and rants... was how I wrestled through my childhood.

Most of my words never see the light of day. Once they land on the page, the purpose is served, my busy mind is relieved and my black and white thoughts can be tucked away safe in a notebook, forever unseen by anyone but God.

But words spoken and words written can encourage, teach and inspire so recently i've been decided to share my words... 

you will find them here in this online journal and through my voice on the podcast.

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